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 Ohio Fowl Breeders PAC 
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Post Ohio Poultry Breeders PAC Introduction
Would you like to join the poultry/game fowl revolution that has started in Ohio? Would you like to see other animal use groups join forces with us and stand up for each other against the HSUS? Would you like to see more positive results than negative by being aggressively proactive? Would you like to see legislators stand up for game fowl breeders publicly? If like me you answered yes then this is now a reality thanks to the merger and creation of the Ohio Poultry Breeders PAC (OPB-PAC) with the Ohio Association of Animal Owners (OAAO). In other words the OAAO (10,000 members) has welcomed anyone associated with poultry/game fowl to join them through the OPB-PAC. You can find the OAAO on the internet at as they have been fighting the HSUS since the early 90’s and have an incredible track record of success fighting for all animal use.
The following is a very brief list of what the OAAO and the OPB-PAC have accomplished recently or is accomplishing to address issues with the poultry/game fowl industries and their owners:
1) HB71, dogfighting bill, was amended to remove poultry as it would have allowed citizens to be charged with cockfighting based on the outward appearance of their fowl.
2) HB446, dog kennel bill, was defeated and would have given urban humane agents the authority to travel all over OH and charge/harass breeders.
3) HB175, humane agent training bill, introduced by OAAO and tightens up the certification process, eliminates sovereign immunity giving the ability to sue and would have prevented the unwarranted charges against a fellow breeder in Mahoning County. It now awaits a full Senate vote before going to the Governor for signing into law.
4) HB415, cockfighting bill, passed House Criminal Justice Committee unanimously, passed full House with 1 no vote by Rep. Tom Brinkman, no action in Senate Agriculture Committee.
5) HB108, cockfighting bill, passed House Agriculture Committee with 4 no votes, passed full House with 19 no votes. It has had four hearings in the Senate Agriculture Committee and will remain active until the end of 2010. Note 20% increase in no votes in one year!
6) Provided interview aired on Ohio Public Radio about HB108 on June 10th 2009.
7) Secured Rep. Jim Zehringer’s public opposition to HB108 on radio and TV, June 2009.
8) Secured Rep. Josh Mandel’s public opposition to HB108 in the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper on Dec 10th and 17th 2009.
9) Secured Senator Bob Gibbs’ (Co-Chairman Senate Agriculture Committee) public opposition to HB108 in Millersburg newspaper on April 17th 2010 that includes quotes from our testimony for reasons to oppose.
10) Secured Senator Keith Faber’s (Senate Majority Leader, 3rd in command) public opposition to HB108 in Lima newspapers on May 4th and 5th 2010 which includes quotes from our testimony as reason for him to oppose.
11) Testified in approximately 50 committee hearings, testimonies available upon request.
12) Update the Humane Agent Training curriculum through the Attorney General as poultry is not mentioned therefore agents cannot charge breeders without proper training.
13) Remove the HSUS as the main influence for training law enforcement on cockfighting and include professional game fowl breeders, poultry scientists, etc… in the process.
14) Secure the preservation and proliferation of game fowl by establishing a state operated Quality Assurance Breeding Program and attend APA/ABA poultry shows.
15) Host the 1st American Game Fowl National at the APA/ABA National Meet on October 2011 in Indianapolis, IN. Our goal is to have the highest number of birds entered in our class.
16) Introduce pro-game fowl legislation in 2011!
If you wish to read the above documentation or even more I will gladly supply upon request but attached please find the latest committee testimonies on HB108 and a letter from OAAO last year to our legislators on the same subject. We are leading the way with our actions not words and hope that you can see this as a huge opportunity for all of us to create an enormous unified team to defeat the HSUS and create long lasting change in OH which will set the ground work for other states to follow! We realize that the older generations despise any form of change but science proves that any animal species that fails to evolve with time eventually becomes extinct so it is time for a truthful reality check! Also note this is a voluntary effort as not a single person receives compensation for their hard work and time.
Here are the specifics on the OAAO and OPB-PAC merger:
A) We have a special OAAO membership card that is attached. You must use this special card to sign-up members or the OAAO will not know therefore OPB-PAC will not see a dime!
B) Membership is tiered and divided amongst the following bank accounts:
a. OPB-PAC receives their portion from every membership sold. Our registration number with the state is OH1460. This PAC will fund attendance to political events ONLY while giving members the opportunity to attend with us and see firsthand what transpires.
b. OAAO business account receives their portion which pays for their awesome newsletter, office supplies and all other costs associated with operating the OAAO.
c. OAAO Lobby Fund receives a portion which pays for traveling expenses ONLY for Polly Britton, Legislative Agent, to travel from Dayton to Columbus in order to testify in committee and meet with legislators. While in session this translates to 3 days a week for several weeks in a row therefore giving all animal use a consistent credible voice.
I am asking for you to provide some sort of help against the HSUS like purchasing a membership but if money is tight then help sell memberships in person, via email, place the application in your area like feed suppliers, gun shops, hunting stores, etc… If you wish to get further involved like lobbying or speaking with our legislators please let me know as we want to educate everyone on all aspects of the political “game” so we can continue to build a strong unified TEAM (Bruce Harwedel and myself are fully trained in lobbying and have secured numerous free lobbyist connections for free consultation). We are also in need of assistance on the internet to help with social networking in order to get the word out.
Please post this email with attachments everywhere as the HSUS is fully aware of who we are and what we stand for as we are not ostriches sticking our heads in the sand but proud respectable breeders of society. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask because assuming is not the truth and does no good to anyone except the HSUS. We look forward to your support and assistance in this endeavor no matter how much or how little since TEAMWORK is the key to success for all.

God Bless,
Joshua Codner
B.S. in Chemistry & Physics
Phone: 937-243-2060

June 14th, 2010, 3:01 pm
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Post Ohio Fowl Breeders PAC
We decided to change our name based on a request from another poultry group so we deleted the poultry part and substituted it with fowl. Nothing else has been altered especially our goals and mission statement.

June 25th, 2010, 12:57 pm
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