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The Altsteirer is a chicken breed that were bred in Styria since 1889. They're a dual purpose breed and weigh between 2.5-3kg (5.5-6.6 pounds) in cocks and 2-2.25kg (4.4-4 pounds) in hens. The Altsteirer's body is horizontal and wide, the head has a small crest and single comb with the single comb having a small crease in the hens. The comb should have 5-7 pounds with a line running through the center and be bright red.

Until the standardization of the breed, The Altsteirer's were found in various shades of color but after World War II the color varieties have been limited to Black Breasted Red and White. Though there has been other unrecognized varieties seen as well. They're on the list of threatened chicken breeds, but are widely popular in in the Black Breasted color. The rooster has a greenish iridescent body feathers on the neck are reddish-brown feathers, and white beak as well as ear-lobes and legs. A yellow tint in the hackles is not considered a defect as in most breeds.

They lay around 180 medium sized, ivory colored eggs per year and have no special bearing requirements while also are considered a great forager.

Bantam Version

The Altsteirer bantam is identical to the large fowl, the cock weighs 800-900G (1.75-2 pounds) with the hen weighing a little less and producing around 160 ivory colored eggs per year.

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