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The Bassette breed is very old and came from the surroundings of Liege (Luik). In spite of crossings and the absence of a standard for the breed, the birds exist because their qualities breed true. Some of the real Bassette breeders formed a club in 1930 and set up a standard.

The Bassette is a graceful bird, very hardy, lively and tame. They are good layers, even in the winter and can be kept in a small garden.

Standard weights are between 28 and 36 ounces from pullet to cock. Their figure is compact with short legs but they are not creepers. They have a fine head and the single comb is large, straight and upright on the male and drooping after the first point to one side on the female.

The beak is of medium length and of a bluish color and the large eyes are dark brown. Ear Lobes are of medium size, oval and white. Bassettes are full feathered with male hackle feathers falling gracefully and richly over the shoulders. The breast is broad, deep and well rounded. The back is long and the belly is large and well developed in the females. Wings are large and are carried compactly against the body. The tail is full, half opened and is carried well back at an angle of 45 degrees above horizontal. The lower thighs are visible from the lower half. Legs are rather short and of a leaden blue color. There are four toes on each foot.

The color of the Bassette can be Quail, Slver Quail, and seldom-- Buff Columbian. Black, White, Blue, Black Red, or Silver Duckwing. Martin (1949) made he following observations when he was studying bantams in Belgium: The Bassette is Mediterranean in type with white earlobes and the females have lopped combs. Most that i saw were silvers, a beautiful color, black above in both sexes with silvery white breasts. They are kept extensively by city and village folk for eggs and meat.


Bantam Chickens, by Fred P. Jeffrey.
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