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The Black Shumen/Shukmenska chicken was developed in the region of Shumen, Bulgaria, being where it received its name "Shumen". History wise, not much has been said on them other than that in the middle of the twentieth century they were crossed with black Minorca and Rhode Island Red, possibly to save them since they're rare only being found in a few breeding pairs in Shumen and Stara Zagora.

They are primarly used for egg laying, but do not hold up to most modern breeds only laying 150-160 white eggs (weighing about 50-52 grams) per year. But some pluses to them is that they're very hardy , do not eat as much as most other production breeds, and mature early. They're light weight birds, with cocks weighing 2-2.5kg (4.4-5.5) and hens 1.5kg (3.3 pounds). They have white skin, red ear-lobes, and a single comb. They also make fairly good free rangers, and may only be found in black.

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