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Harry Parr

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Date of Death: September 8, 1996
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Henry A. Parr, IV

Henry Parr, known as Harry Parr passed away quietly on Sunday, September 8, 1996, at his home in Glyndon.

Harry was the President of the Claymore Club...the exclusive club that presented the annual 1 1/4" tournament. The members of the Claymore were and are the "WHO'S WHO" of Northern cockfighters. Harry won the Claymore more time than anyone but Frank Shy (Narragansett). Harry's claim to fame was the main between himself and the combine of Blackwell, Brown and Ruble; which he won with ease. Incidently, there was a song written about the main and recorded by recording artist, Hollis.

Harry was probably 1st of the real breeders. He kept three families of fowl pure for over thirty years. The Chocolate Greys, the Butcher Clarets and the McLean Hatch. With these three families, he produced a three-way cross that was exceptional for many years in 1 1/4" gaff. I know, I handled many of them.

Harry was a protege of Ted McLean, and a dear friend of Ted's until his death. Ted was like a father to Harry and would attend small local mains that Harry fought locally.

Harry was also an excellent feeder. He fed my first white fowl, and anyone who was at old Boxwood that year, saw them go undefeated.

Steve Shalcross was a true old friend of Harry's and assisted Harry in the Claymore and Barnes many years. He will miss Harry as I do.

Harry was also the author of a book on breeding that was well accepted by the fraternity.

To try to list his vast array of friends would be impossible. Harry had friends and admirers throughout the world, and needless to say, he will missed by many of us.

Harry is at peace and may St. Peter open the gate to a true GAMFOWL FANCIER.

Henry A. Parr IV, scion of a Baltimore insurance family and noted chicken breeder, died of a heart attack at his home in Gyndon.

Mr. Parr was associated all his working life with Maury, Donnelly & Parr, Inc., the Baltimore insurance brokerage founded in 1876 and located at Commerce and Water Streets. He joined the firm in 1949 as a salesman after graduation from Gilman School.

At his death he was semi-retired, but remained a member of the company's board and senior vice president.

He was born in Baltimore and raised in Glyndon, the son of Henry A. Parr III, former chairman of the board, who died in 1977, and Mary Lawrason Riggs Parr Wing.

He was an accomplished jazz drummer and avid golfer, and a founder for the Golfer's Charitable Association, sponsor of the Lady Carling Open which benefited Children's Hospital.

Mr. Parr maintained a seven acre farm where he enjoyed planting trees and breeding chickens. He was known for his Black Breasted Red Game Bantams, and had written a book on the subject "Breeding Game Fowl." He also maintained a champion flock of sheep.

His wife, the former Bonnie Dean Bonham, died in 1989.

In addition to his mother, he is survived by a son, G.H. Alex Parr of Bellvue, Colo., Laura Bonham Goreskiof Berthoud, Colo., and Katheryn Victoria Hampson of Madison, Wis.; a brother, Thomas D.R. Parr of Glyndon; and two grandchildren.


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